"Bring harmony to your family!" You have to be persistent to establish and maintain healthy, two-way communication. We can help.

Health & Safety

Look for health and safety for your family. Be connected with your family through our app. Download it in Google Play Store or iTunes. >>

Wish your family

This system will remember important dates of your family members on behalf of you and will notify you. Don't forget to send a gift through our app and wish heartily. >>

Connect with your family

Connect with your family from anywhere, anytime.
Chat with your family members through our app or web.
Send special gifts to your family, we will serve them. >>

Family Tree

Maintain your healthy family relations and generate family tree at any point of time. >>

Nothing is more important than your family!

Remember important dates and wish them at 12:00

Maintaining a family relation is very important for us. Many a times it happens that we forget anniversary, birthdays of our family members due to heavy workload. Our app or web will take this responsibility to remind you of important dates.


We understand how precious for you your child is!

Wish and send precious gifts to your child from the same app or web.

The app and web will remember the dates of your child's birthday, your anniversary, your family and friends' special days. Wish your loved ones and send gifts online through our app or web. Our system will help you select gift items and ship to your loved one's address.


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